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Device management with Numiato

With Numiato, you can easily configure Windows and iPads for schools with just a few clicks.

School-optimised device configuration

Integrated app store

Device classification

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Numiato & Vis365

Assisting with device and user management

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App Management

Distribute software easily to the appropriate devices.


App Store

Add applications from our store to your inventory.



Clear and intuitive interface.


Device Management

See the status of the school devices and control them.



Policy Management

Create your own categories and rooms and assign devices.



Administer all your school devices with Numiato in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. We provide you with a tool for easy self-administration tailored to the education market.


Easy and clear self-administration because you know best what your educational institution needs.


Easy installation of new software thanks to the integrated app store.


Use of predefined school-friendly configurations.


We take care of updates and technical innovations. You are automatically kept up to date.

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  • How can I order Numiato?
    Please contact us via the contact formular. We will get in touch with you and assist you on the integration within your environment.
  • What is the price of Numiato?
    Numiato is available in two versions. Numiato Standard for 1500€ net or in combination with Vis365 Premium for 2100€ net.
  • Can I cancel Numiato anytime?
    You can cancel Numiato anytime and we will delete all related data.
  • Can I try Numiato?
    You can try Numiato free of charge for three months. Once you log in to the Numiato portal and perform the basic setup, the trial period will start.
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